About David G. Flatt, LTD.

Founded over 30 years ago as a custom boutique furniture operation, David G. Flatt Ltd. began to unfold. By the early 90's DF had evolved into a full-scale design house, specializing in custom exhibits, custom retail displays, and unique furniture design for fashion brands.

Today DF is comprised of a dynamic creative team and a full-service workshop in New York, in Long Island City. Our workshop is where we consult, design, draft, and build. The possibilities are endless. We create completely unique exhibits for trade shows and fashion brands, unique high-end retail displays, and one of a kind furniture design. Our team's approach is collaborative with our namesake at the helm.

We love great design of all types, and appreciate anyone that is making the world a more beautiful place. Through our website and social media platforms, we invite design lovers from across the globe to enjoy our customized exhibits, unique retail displays, innovative and unique kiosks, and other exciting happenings. Each project we complete is the realization of a vision and our motivation is to inspire others just as we are inspired by what we see.

Our Services

Custom Exhibit Design
Trade Show Booth
Event Production
Large Scale Printing

Retail Space Design
Window Display Design
Custom Display Production
Logo Signage Fabrication

Designer Furniture Rentals
Handmade Furniture Design
Custom CNC Fabrication
Custom Builds to Fit Your Needs

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